10 Gadgets Under Rs 100


1 month ago

Hello folks, I am back with another new post. In this post, I will tell you about 10 gadgets that you can buy for under Rs 100. You may see little difference in the price. It is because of the price of gadgets changes with time. But after all, these are some amazing products which are quite useful. Let’s have a look.


1) Cable Protector

Regular use of a charger can damage the wire. Many of us face issues while charging with a damaged cable. Here our first gadgets which cost you around 100rs is really helped you to protect your charging cable from being damaged. It will increase the durability of the cable. 

cable protector

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2) Mobile Stand : 

Many of us put our smartphones here and there and forget where we put it earlier. Sometimes we sit on it or put something on it. To resolve this problem, you have to spend about 100rs to buy this gadget. Here we are talking about the mobile stand. 

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3)  4 Port USB Hub:

We often use a USB port and sometimes we need an extra port to insert an essential drive or cable. If you’re also facing the same issue this gadget is for you. You will get 4 USB ports. Also, removing and inserting a pen drive or cable in a USB port can damage the port. The inbuilt ports are costly and you need to visit the service center for that. But by using this gadget there is no need to insert and eject pen drive or cable from your computer again and again. 


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4) Multipurpose Pen: Use it as a Stand, For touch Screen and for writing

Now, our next gadget is a multipurpose pen. Yeah, you heard right. A pen with 3 functionality. You can use it as a Mobile stand, as a touch screen pen for all android devices, and of course for writing too.

multipurpose pen

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5) Waterproof Laptop cover

waterproof laptop cover

Well, we often carry our laptops in the office, college, coaching or sometimes in school. But the problem is rain. This waterproof cover which costs merely 100rs can save our expensive laptop from rain. 

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6)  Mini USB led

Sometimes due to electricity cuts, we are not able to use our keyboard. Also, some people need bright light while using a laptop in the dark. This gadget is really helpful in such situations.


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7) Type-C to USB 

Nowadays, many smartphones, laptop or even tablet comes with type c. Even the apple MacBook does not have any USB ports. This gadget is the cheapest and easy way to use USB in type c port. 

type c to type usb

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8)  Anti-Slip Thumb Sleeve

Games like Pubg or Bgmi, Free fire are quite popular these days and many people face slippery problems while playing such games. This unique product helps you to play games easily without getting slippery. 

thumb sleeve

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9) Earphone case


This earphone case is cheap and costs you less than 100rs. We often keep our earphones here and there and forget. Also, it gets damage. This case will protect your expensive earphone and increase the lifespan of your earphone.

earphone case

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10) Mobile Holder (wall mount)

This is a useful gadget if you face problems while charging your smartphone and there is no place to hold your phone. This is a wall-mountable mobile phone holder where you can put your phone while charging. Also, you can hold your keys too.

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